Wednesday, April 11, 2012

fb message from a far away place

 bec and her writing touched a lot of people from many different places. this is just one of many messages i found from far away places.--mom

from a far place
Dear Becca, I wonder if I'm ur first contact from Beirut Lebanon .

Praying that you will be fine and hope u will visit our part of the world. Loved your blog and spent hours reading and appreciating

December 28, 2009
Becca Babcock..
Sorry took so long to get back, I dont always get my facebook notifications. But yes, I think you must be the only person from Beirut who knows of me! :) However did you find me?

Either way, I love that you found me, its so cool to know that not only am i NOT alone with my thoughts..but that its universal. World wide.

the only experience i have with Lebanon is this awesome little restaurant near my house called "Taste of Lebanon" that has the best food ever! :
So tell me about yourself?



December 29, 2009Rami
Dear Becca, I never thought you would reply. As to how I found you, its pure chance: I was bored one day and looking into some pictures of a friend, Dr.%$^&*,  who is planning to move from the U.S. back to Beirut and i think i clicked on one of the pics and then on your face because i thought it was an interesting one!  I remember i was dead sleepy but had to click on your blog, curious me. I have to confess i could not sleep that night just thinking what a couragous lady you are.
I just want to tell you that since you like our food, you will love our Lebanon. its so different than anything you have seen. Food, culture, people and nature that will blow your mind. so, if you ever plan to be adventurous, our home is ur home smack in the middle of Beirut with a nice sea view. Im dead serious about this!
I look forward to be ur friend and just let me know if you do know @#$% or it was just a cosmic coincidence

May 14, 2010Rami
Beautiful ur blog update and i just want to remind you that when you kick this thing out, you are invited, as long as you want to Lebanon. You will love it and will be staying at our place and i will make sure to show you all the cool places and wildest outings at night, the great food and wonderful people. I will take a vacation and discover it with you again. You can ask @#$%  Lebanon is waiting for u and Im dead serious. Get well. Rami,

.May 14, 2010Becca Babcock

Thank you so much Rami! I'm so sorry, I'm terrible about replying to messages (hehe, I read them in my email when I get the email notification, and then always forget to click through to the actual facebook site!)
I really am so very very ready to just be WELL! Eventually. One Day. I know.
 I will no doubt contact you if I can ever get my "Becca's World Tour" going! if i ever get out of the doctors office long enough!
my best,



May 14, 2010Rami
Truly, honestly and from my heart i adore you and you are on my mind and we will have a lot of fun hopefully  Thanks for your message, u made my day :)

..April 19, 2011Rami
did not want to share on your wall.. but that wacky guy in Lebanon (me), ist hinking of you and dreaming of the day when your doc will give you a spanking and tell you that all is ok and not to visit again. My invitation to our sunny Lebanon is still open. you will love it


April 23, 2011Becca Babcock

:) Thank you so much Rami. heh, you and me both dream of that day. And well, who knows? Do you believe in miracles? Wish i did.
Y'know, bout a month or so ago my passport expired. Gotta renew that before i can do anything. But, yes, I still kept your open invitation in mind :)
thanks again,


(oh, and yes, thanks for not posting empty statements on my wall. tho, to be fair, I rarely am even on facebook...not nearly as much as i used to be. i find i get really annoyed at hearing of everyones' happy lives. even their unhappiness looks WAY more appealing than MY unhappiness. pfff, go figure.)



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