Saturday, September 22, 2012

the "how are you?" question & feelings about fundraisers

here are 2 recurring to answer the "how are you?" question and feelings on having fundraisers.--mom


sorry, been sorta anti facebook as of late. it just kinda...doesn't interest me anymore (or i like to prove to myself that i'm no slave to anything!)
Man, feels real awkward telling people to give you money. heh. i mean, its one thing to just have it appear, but its another to go "oh yea, you know, that sounds good, just give me some cash lady"
Hope you've been well. yea, i hate the "how are you" question, but i always have. I mean, really, i guess, if you were to ask that, my thinking is mostly "well, what exactly do you want me to answer to that?" Heh, i could tell you literally how i'm feeling at that moment (usually about the same give or take some intensity). Or i could give you a recount of the past few months which have been badly uneventful (if that makes sense. like, there hasn't been any good news really. but there hasn't been any drastic emergencies or developments that i know of). or, would a simple "oh, just hanging in there" suffice? i never really know why people ask such a question cuz i never really am sure what kinda answer they think they're gonna get. And if i DID answer with "oh man, i'm just GREAT, its summer, i'm loving my life and everything is just as beautiful as it can be"...would anyone actually believe me or would i soon be committed to a mental ward b/c how could that truthfully be my answer?? hehe.
 Ok, sorry, i've literally been up ALL night, its now 10a. i wasn't up for any real good reason except that while watching Bill Maher last night i finally picked up a knitting project i started back in march and have sadly neglected even tho i have NOTHING to do and should be whipping out a few full afghans a week or something. I really got some good progress on the knitting, and just didn't want to stop, next thing i knew it was almost 4a. so then it was 5a. and then i realized the fundraisers tonight and perhaps i should be nice n rested so i can prance around it acting like the happiest inoperable cancer patient you ever did see, while awkwardly shaking hands and 'receiving' people as if it was some sorta twisted wedding day, and i'm the bride. i guess that'd make the groom cancer tho, and that's pretty grim. maybe more like, sweet sixteen? bat-mitzvah? Quinceneira? i dunno, its so odd, like, i dress up cute, and work the room like nobody's business, being dragged from person to person (at least, thats how the fundraisers in the past have gone). cuz its like EVERYone wants to chat me up...ooh la la its like being a celebrity. eeehhh...but in the back of my mind its some morbid bizarre circus cuz uh....its NOT celebrity! its freakin' cancer. aaaannnywho, so that was all to have explained why i'm blabbing away. b/c i should be tired. i should be sleeping. instead i'm on facebook (and hence why i've been trying to be anti facebook).