Thursday, January 29, 2009

Language barriers

I admit, I'm a bit of an obnoxious american. Maybe not in the sense of thinking the world revolves around to speak. But I guess I just listened too much to most of the people who told me that "dont worry, most everyone there speaks english too".
Wow. The language barriers. I may sound like i'm complaining but perhaps only becuase all i really want to do is be able to strike up random conversations with people. (or at least be able to appropriately tell off the naggy beggars that follow you persistently).

Anywho, I am in Sarajevo right now in an apartment with a ridiculously enviable view of a tremendously colorful city.

My oh my are there characters here. Soooo many of them. But THIS by far, is my favorite shot of the day:


  1. I think that last guy was fixing my refrigerator last week. I'd recognize that crack anywhere.

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  3. I hate colon cancer

  4. hi becca!

    amazing photos of croatia! i'm a 100% full blooded croat, and have yet to visit my homeland...hello to croatia from me! plan to visit when hubby (robert scholl is done with cancer treatments...just wanted to say hello to you, and know that we root for you daily. you are welcome to take me up anytime on free health & Life Coaching, ok? i'd be an honor to work with you...

    xodaniela hess scholl

  5. Have I mentioned lately that you're my heroine? I think of you often. I think of that beautiful face of yours. But more than that I think of that beautiful soul of yours. You're one amazing chicklit.

  6. Are you home yet?? Miss you. Sue

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