Monday, January 19, 2009

I made the pilgrimage!

So I'm sitting in a kitchen of a house in Silver Springs Maryland, a mere half hour train-ride into the heart of all the action of the next few days. Obama-thon!
Tom and Dawn have very graciously offered us a place to stay in their home, and my mom, Roanne and I snapped at the chance.
I'll be traipsing around the mall for the next few days in bright red moon boots. I think I'll try my hand at this "mobile-blogging" feature, since I know am the owner of a nifty-difty new G1 phone. (super sweet 3mega-pixel camera phone)
Now that I've updated you all on the technology I'm working with, I'm off to put on my moon boots.
more to come...?


  1. Sweet. Take lots o Pics. Holla when you get back.

  2. Yay! Have fun and enjoy the trip!


  3. Did you take your video camera?

  4. You saw MY President being inaugurated? How very wonderful. Was it the most amazing thing ever? And don't you just love that whole new first family?

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