Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dobar dan!

(my disclaimer right off the bat is that if you see ˝z˝ where a ˝y˝ should be just know that i canNOT get the hang of this croatian keyboard. I`m trying to catch my typos, but in the interest of typing fast and getting out of this internet cafe as fast as possible, i may not get them all.)

So then...that being said, Im in Croatia!! Split to be exact. Got in a day ago, and it is absolutely amazing. I dont want to be here long, but I just HAD to put some photos up. Its warmer than Chicago here, though its not hot, by any means. Its more like...mild. Today it has been raining all daz, though its only 1p. Hence why I am sitting in an internet cafe instead of browsing around. Im drenched. (and cant seem to find the apostrophe key on here...)

Observations (even though ive made these observations before), just about everzone in Europe is stylish...right down to the nuns. AND, there are TONS of drop dead beautiful women here in Croatia. Jesus. Talk about feeling inadequate. Tall, leggy, refined facial structure. makes me sick! heheheh.

Anzwho, take a gander a few photos from so far. Im sure Ill have tons more as the days go by. Tomorrow we are headed to Sarajevo in a rental car. Yipes. Keep your fingers crossed we dont get *gulp* lost...


  1. Lijepo se provdei!


  2. hvala tommy
    (i'm assuming you said something like 'nicely done' or some quivalent. seeing as i know all of about 10 words so far!)

  3. I used one of those nifty internet Croation/English translation programs so I either said "Have Fun!" or "My car needs a new transmission." Go figure....

  4. :) well, as far as i can tell, Lijepo (which is pronounced sounding roughly like "yaay-poh" is "beautiful". Two nights ago, in Split, I was taking a picture of a street lamp against an old brick wall. and this old gentleman was strolling past me, he nodded at me, smirked and simply said "yaaaayy-poh".
    of course me, not knowing what in gods name he was saying, but figuring it was something like "g'day" just shot him a grin and nod back.
    I then walked into the tourist office tothe left of me where my travel companion was asking for info and said (to him, and i guess to the tourist info dude) what the old guy had said and the tour info dude says "ah..yes, he says "beautiful"
    so, i either was called a beauty by some old croat, or the old croat thought my choice of photo-ops was quite beautiful. who knows.

    Either way, bet you didnt think you'd get a one page story outta me just off your use of a nifty online text translator!

  5. Hi,
    My boyfriend is half Serbian, half Croatian and the ex-Yugoslavia countries are just gorgeous. The people are the most beautiful I've ever seen anywhere (there appears to be a genetic predisposition to beauty; figures and facial structures as you say!). And the Croatian coast is probably one of the nicest places in the world. As you can see I was really impressed! I love my boyfriend even more now because I fell in love with his country and people. Also about the people, they really know how to socialize and take care of their friends and family like no others. It's great that you got to see it!

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