Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April? my how the time flies...

Seems just like yesterday I was blogging from Bosnia back in January ;)
Sssooooo, I've been absent in the blogosphere as of late. No real good excuses, just been out living life I guess. (although in truth I spent many many hours right here in front of my computer screen. damn that facebook just sucks up all my time).
Not a whole lot has changed in Becca's world. I did just get back from California. Back up in the redwoods visiting fellow colondar model (and very good friend) Mark. He has a bakery in Cazadero CA which is just outside of San Francisco. And let me tell you, it is an awesome place to be. I simply cannot get enough of the bakery, or them, or the redwoods. The best part is, Mark and his family have a few cottages on their property that you can rent out as bed n breakfasts. They're adorable. My mom, and two friends, stayed there for a few days and got simply spoiled. Check out some pic-spam:

Cozy Raymonds Bakery, off of Cazadero Hwy:
Where you can do silly-dorky things like pose with the owners:

Goat Rock State Beach is down the road. Where you may be lucky enough to catch Gus...the friendly seagull. (er, may or may not answer to "Gus")
We may look like we're posing, but in actuality we're just trying to weigh ourselves down in the massive winds :)
Mama waiting to tour her FAV beverage company, Korbel Champagne Cellars!
Our Gracious hosts for the weekend
HORSES?! oh, i'm so sold.

The view from Marks back yard. Redwood anyone?

Oh you know I just HAD to...

(p.s., if anyone out there is interested in going and staying in the redwoods, by all means please look up my friends, remember to support independent businesses!!)

Outside of that, I've just been truckin' along. Got a little more ink (I know, I know, its a sick obsession.). Doing my chemo treatments every 2 weeks like clockwork. Next week I have a PET scan again. And other than that, nothing much new.

I have exciting things to look forward to. Flight of the Conchords, my absolute favorite kiwi's EVER, are coming back in concert at the end of April and my awesome mom got me some tix. (I got to see them and meet them last year in concert, they are hands down the most gracious celeb's ever. Not that I've encountered many of them...but these guys take the cake.)

And, on my birthday, GOGOL BORDELLO!! (playing with Man Man! how epic). It's a sign i tell you. I've been trying to see these guys in concert the past 3 or 4 times they've played here, and I just keep missing it. So this time around, I'm in possession of tickets and nothing will stand in my way!! if ya dont know...betta' ask somebody.

Well, nighty night lovelies...

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  1. Thanks for posting! You have no idea how many times I checked in and just "wondered"... Glad to hear that your spirits are high. Just glad to hear, actually.