Monday, May 11, 2009

She's got Betty Davis eeeeyyyeesss....

Apparently, I was not crazy when I thought to myself a few months back that my eyelashes (and eyebrows for that matter) had exploded into a crazy twisty crimpy outrageous mess.
Here I was, hoping and praying that shaving my head did not also mean that I'd lose my eyebrows and eyelashes...b/c you know...that really makes you look like a cancer-patient. (which is one of my top goals. NOT looking like a patient.)
And not only was I not losing them, I was literally pulling out my manicure scissors and trimming my eyelash hairs! Whoever does that?!? I'd never had to "trim" facial hair in my life. But these damn lashes kept growing out too long and then kinking in wierd places and curling back into my eyes! It was so annoying. I trimmed them, and they just seemed to grow back. And my eyebrow hairs were poking out and down and up in all kinds of directions. I had to trim those on many occasions as well.
But I still just figured maybe my hair follicles were all around traumatized and freaking out with all the stress and drugs and low-blood count, etc.
However, in a doctor appointment a few weeks ago, just before my doc was walking out he turned and peered deep into my eyes (which was a bit awkward, I won't lie). After a moment he asked if I'd noticed my eyelashes growing out long and crazy, but before he'd gotten the whole question out of his mouth I yelped "YESSS!" He explained that someone had recently approached him with the idea of marketing the drug that I've been on (Vectibux) to people who'd lost eyelashes and eyebrows in other treatments as a way to grow them in again.
I thought it completely ridiculous that ANYone would even consider taking such a horrid drug simply to get some lashes, but as my friend Jess said the other night "Honey, you'd be surprised the lengths people will go for vanity!" (she being the daughter of a cosmetic surgeon.)
Anywho, he wanted to take a photo of my eyelashes so if this marketing push ever got under way, they'd have some examples to show.
And I give betty davis eyes:


  1. Wow! That's insane! I'll cross everything I've got that you don't end up looking like a cancer patient my friend!!


  2. Since my mom's colon cancer diagnosis last year, I've been reading many blogs to see if I can wrap my head around this whole experience. Anyway, your post reminds me of this post:

  3. Jordan, that is hilarious. least I know I'm not alone....thanks for the link!
    (and on a sidenote its awesome that you're trying to understand your moms diagnosis. there are a ton of crazy nuances and neurotic tendancies that come along with colon cancer.)

  4. I'm the guy Jordan linked to up above, and I'll note that while my lashes grew back all crazy-long after my hair-thinning chemo, once I trimmed them they remained normal, and haven't grown out to hitting my glasses again. They're back to normal.

    I'll also point out that, as a guy, my chest hair grew longer afterwards as well, even though it didn't thin out very much during the chemo. And the hair on my head has come in coarser, so it grows differently (more out, less wavy-sloppy) than it did before.

  5. Derek, how odd a phenomenon. (and yes, now that the hair on my head is growing back in, its a completely different texture than it used to be. its a bit kinky...and very coarse. Not like you always hear people claim their hair grew back in thick and curly. just coarse, kinky and dull. but that's probably also b/c i'm still on drugs. so inevitably its probably coming out in my hair.)
    Nice to "meet" ya though!

  6. Ha!

    Glad to introduce y'all, even though I'm mostly just a silent reader. And, thanks to you both for sharing your experiences. It's been a wild ride!!

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