Thursday, May 22, 2008

Day one down from first infusion

I'm home from being at the doc's all day. And...I'm sure I should be typing out my experiences with it all, blah blah blah....

but instead, i'm putting up something that brings me giggles and joy. And I don't care who thinks it's inappropriate!

I recently got back from a vacation in Mexico, at an all inclusive resort. Which included alot of midwest housewives and soccer moms (some who literally announced they were there with a friend "celebrating a divorce")
every night at the hotel was "theme night" and one of the nights was "Beach Party" night.

we merely observed and people watched for the most part. And I quickly developed some favorites in this crowd (whom I began to view of as our "class" for the week. I saw much of the same people, we all seemed to get there around the same time, and we all seemed to check out around the same time)

I became so enamored with a few of the people there...I almost began stalking them, in a way.

Now, my (or should i say my moms) digital camera takes video, but no sound. I found myself sneaking over by a table and secretly videotaping one of my "favorites" dancing the night away in ever so dramatic a fashion, except the music didn't come through in the video. This is not nearly a problem for me though! NO! It only gives me an opportunity to make myself giggle even more at this simple few second vid.
I never actually met her. but i loved her. And thus...I will dub her, "Faye".
And to me...Faye was screaming to get loose, and let her inner video hoe free. so i kindly am providing Faye with some dance tunes to groove to.
and now, I present to you...Faye. in unadulterated fashion. uncensored.


  1. I almost peed myself when I heard the music!!!!!!!!! Fun embarassing fact about me, I totally know almost all the words to that song! Yep, I'm weeeeird! I wish I knew how to lay music on videos like you did, which was pretty impressive!

    Thanks for the funny story!


  2. Hey there silly pants, just thought I'd say Howdy! I hope you're doing okay since chemo!!!!!!!!