Thursday, February 4, 2010

Addendum to the shrunken skin...

To better illustrate my skin woes...(though, really, this video and photos do nothing to show how much puss and gunk accumulates out of all that redness. which is even more fun fun fun to deal with.
Yaaay Chemo.


  1. Okay, no matter what anyone else says, I am just going to say it THAT SUCKS! You hear me? I hate it, I hate it for you and I hate stupid cancer. And girl, vain or not you can whine and I will definately listen, I hate this. I am so glad you are doing this documentary. It is so good that you can be so honest, and Becca you are beautiful to me erbirash or not, cause I know you heart.

  2. You don't know me, but I've followed you for a while- I just finished my chemo treatments for appendiceal/colon cancer and had nasty side effects too.
    I totally know how it feels to have a constant reminder that I've got cancer. It's not a vanity thing- it's the "in your face-ness" that side effects present.

    You're inspirational by putting it out there.
    I hope your side effects subside soon.
    Keep Blogging!
    My best to you.

  3. Wow...that really sucks. There's no way around that. And we just got a whole foot of snow yesterday, too.

    I'm sorry. But I agree with everything Suzie said....and I thank you for being open and honest with the world.

  4. Hi Becca - I really love your blog! I'd love to talk with you further about guest blogging for us - our patients would appreciate your level of honesty and kickassery. Email me if you're interested! :)

    PS: when I click on the 'cancer sucks' and 'colondar' links, they go to an error page. Just letting you know so readers can support you more!

  5. YOU ARE THE BRAVEST PERSON...EVER!! and I'm not saying that b/c I HAVE to. it shows the external manifestation of what is going on inside you! in many ways it is almost the worst side-effect of this all since the dreaded rectal fissure!! only everybody SEES this! you are the strongest woman I know! ---MOM

  6. Thanks Becca for teaching me a good hard lesson about complaining. I will STOP complaining right now about my pathetic woes and continue to pray very hard for you.

  7. I love you Becca! I hope to play for you in Chicago again soon.

  8. I hope you don't mind, but I shared your blog with my Voices of Survivors local chapter on our Facebook page.

    You have a great voice. Even when you are "whining," as you say in your video, you are showing the world the reality of what it means to be a cancer fighter and survivor. The highs, the lows, and everything in between. The dismay, the self-deprecating humor, the determination to just live - one day at a time.

    I have a nasty red scar running from ear to center of my throat from my cancer surgery; I definitely understand how your body image suffers with that daily reminder of cancer. I blog about my cancer journey at

    I just met with a good friend of mine on Saturday who is 3 scans into remission from Stage IV colon cancer. While I don't understand your cancer like I do mine, he did explain a lot of what you may be going through to me. I asked because I had read your website and wanted to hear firsthand.

    Stay strong. You are not alone.

  9. Hi Becca,

    I just came across your blog. I would like to commend you for your bravery, but after many talks with friends who have dealt with cancer, I know they get sick of hearing that same bullshit line. It is not vanity. As a person who has dealt with major illness (from both parents) I know it isn't vanity, but simply a longing to be normal. It's not asking much, I know. I am so sorry for the skin side effect you are suffering with, my dad is having a similiar side effect (on his chest too) and the one thing that has helped the burning and pain is aloe vera gel. Sounds crazy, but it has helped so much. I hope you feel better soon. I love your writing style, and the no bullshit, I don't give a F**k honesty you convey. Shows me there are still some real,non-fabricated, fake people left in the world. Thank you.


  10. NOTE: In the closing of my comment, I meant to write "unfake" not "fake" :-)

  11. You are brave to share your story. You may have no idea of the impact and awareness you bring to this disease. Someone needs to say it like it is. Your words will be healing as many probably feel alone. Cancer SUCKs!

  12. Brave Becca, Beautiful Becca, I dont know you but everytime i open Facebook i have to see if you are OK and happy and check the blog. I hope your face is better dear.


  13. I realize I'm not even sure if everyone who's commented here gets notified if I respond...but I sincerely hope you guys do
    Because i just wanted to say how much EVERY single comment I've gotten has brought a huge smile to my face (even when it hurt to smile...i was happy to suffer!)
    Sometimes, I need to put a post out there to the universe, and then back away and not come back to the blog for a bit..b/c sometimes re-reading my own words is difficult to swallow. update is coming soon...

  14. Helllllo my friend! I'm so sorry you're getting this icky skin reaction! Not at all what you need right now, I'm sure. I'm hoping you're on the mend, but if not, perhaps we need to make you some shirts or something telling people to eff off :)

    Let me know if there's anything I can do. I won't tell you jokes, because I'm super funny and I don't want your face to hurt!


  15. I soooo feel your pain on the Erbatux Rash. I actaully got sunburned through the car windshield on a sunny day this winter and it caused a horrible further reaction to the rash. I commend your bravery and courage to put it all out there Becca. As I posted on my Blog a while ago, Erbatux Sux!!!
    Hang in there sweetness


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