Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The lurker returns...

I did these a couple times when I first started my blog but I've forgotten bout it as of late. Retelling the various odd things I hear in public bathrooms while I'm spending my 15-20 min. doing my thing.
It was mostly kids saying the damnedest things, considering most the time I was at work doing this. And at work, we have a HUGE childrens program (for music) so there are always kids running round. They do say the damnedest things though.

Anywho, most the time these days I have my ipod going while I'm in there, so I honestly haven't been doing too much eavesdropping. However, last week, I ran outta battery on my ipod and therefore was listening to the people in the stall next to me. It was memorable enough to make me think "I should post this"

So it was a little girl and an older woman (I'm assuming her mom, though it coulda been a nanny, aunt, etc. who knows. not relevant to the story. or maybe it is. not sure)

The convo goes as follows:

Woman: "Alright, go in the big stall so I can help you."
Girl: "Okay. I my tummy is moving around, I think I have to make a poopie too."
Woman: "Go ahead, sweetie, I'm waiting right here."
Girl: "If I squeeze right here, the poopie comes out real big."
Woman (awkwardly): "Alright sweetie, but I don't think you think some things we don't need to talk about, and just keep to ourselves?"
Girl (seemingly oblivious): "Right here, if I push, but then squeeze it is big, and funny shapes."
Woman: "Alright, finish up now, here, take the paper. And honey, we don't need to talk about that stuff outloud. Don't you want to keep that private?"
Girl: "I'm done!"

there was a bit more. But, isn't it poignant how that maybe should have been an opportunity to teach your child to NOT be uptight and embarrassed to talk bout stuff like her funny shaped poop? I mean, how many seemingly mature adults do I know who can't talk about their shitting habits with out awkwardly hesitating and beating around the bush. So why not at least let your kid know early on that it's no big deal? why the stigma?

Not that I wanna get on a soap box bout it, in all actuality when I was listening to that convo I was trying my best not to burst out laughing cuz I couldn't see either of them, and yet n still I could completely hear how mortified that woman was that the little girl just kept going about her bowel movements. So I thought I'd share.