Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fundraiser wrap up

Whew! I had to post this real quick to get myself back in 'good vibe' mode. I just got an auto-reply email from a friend who I'd sent an email to, and it's really just thrown me into the downward spiral of anger, hatred, and sadness....
sssooooo...fundraising wrap-up news. which is ultimately more happy feeling than what i just read.

Last thursday, my awesome roomie threw a pretty impromptu fundraiser for me, which doubled as a birthday party for her. It was held at the super hip Rockit Bar . For being the solo planner and organizer (with a bit of help from me, and her man) Ro pulled off a damn nice event.

Jason from Rockit was super gracious in loaning us the space. He even went as far as to give us a waitress, and two security guards for our section of the club. The band Your Vegas played for the crowd (it was also their lollapalooza pre-party). They were sweet enough to go way out of their way to give us items to raffle off. I mean, WAY outta their way. I was touched.
<--Guitarist, Mat, from Your Vegas

My friends I see frequently all showed, but I also got some surprises from people I hadn't seen in ages...
the scholasticans came out en force

some co-workers
capoeira friends
even my landlady. who was lookin mighty refreshed and hot btw, back from her vacay to Romania.
We had cake with funny captions

plenty of drinks to go around

As well as food, don't forget the food (french fries fried in truffle oil? as that stacy london chic would say "oh shut up!").

I got to squeeze in a mini dance session with hot bodyguard (they DO exist!)

Of course, there was boobage, and full taking advantage of the boobage

Even the most awesome Jon Imerman (of Imerman Angels fame) came through to just celebrate being alive, and getting healthy.

If nothing else in this world, and if nothing else in this life of mine, I at least have more than one (actually, going on like hundreds) of moments that reassure me that people are genuinely kind in their hearts. I know I've said it before, but it is humbling as hell to see so many people come out to support you, some who don't even really know you. It gives me motivation to keep the positive side of me going a bit more than I may have otherwise. Shit is hard. Noone will deny that, and everyone can recognize that. BUT, man, good friends sure do help out the process.

There is another fundraiser in the works already, because, surgery looms near, and the impending costs of both the actual surgery, as well as not being able to work, are bigger than life. It's all intimidating, to say the very very least. But I have the same feeling I had two years ago this month. A feeling of "lets just get this over with already. bring on the surgeon!" I want to get my life back. Hell, I want to get a life to begin with. The past couple months have yanked things out from me that I thought were stable. With everything going on, I feel like I don't even have my own life anymore. I belong to doctors, I am a victim, I am at times set in isolation, at other times set in a glass box for all to view. I just want to get some 'semblance of the life I sorta envision for myself every now and then.

stay tuned for future fundraiser news. Cuz as many many many people can now attest to, don't nobody throw a par-tay in the name of fucking up some tumors like me and my peeps do! ;)



  2. Awwwwwwww "You kick ass!!" ha ha! I'm sooooo glad to hear you're friends are there for you, you look good healthy and you're eating!!!! Yay!!


  3. Ok.. here is the deal... I def want in on BOOBAGE and That Burger.. and we can abuse me and I will let everyone have STOMAGE.. Deal? Great post!

  4. Sorry we didnt stick around for too long. I had to work early the next day but we had fun.