Wednesday, June 11, 2008

As if I didn't look young enough already

Alright, I said I was gonna 'document' stuff more. So *gulp* here goes.
Documentation of the evil phenomena known as "erbirash"
(jeez I hate seeing myself so close up)

the comparison picture below was taken just a few weeks ago.

I look like a pimply-faced teenager. I am not cute.

And this is how I normally can be seen while on chemo:
Don't I just look thrilled.

There ya have it. I guess when I've bitched in the past about how people don't seem to fully grasp that you're "sick" or not well, if you don't look like the typical chemo patient...didn't lose your hair, no outward signs of illness....Guess this time around chemo made sure I got some outwardly visible signs.

Damn I shoulda kept my mouth shut.


  1. Superficial, transient skin reactions impress upon only the superficial observer. Your beauty derives not from something that can be frozen in a photograph but from your movement, your poise, and your grace (and, ok, enchanting eyes and a cute little butt). Chemo does nothing to erode these things and can't.

    Your secret admirer

  2. Oh my little sad lamb! I honestly think you don't look that much different - in a good way. Keep smiling my friend hang tight, and fuck up that cancer!


  3. I used to tell people make sure if you get sick that you get something like Cancer and Ulcerative Colitis. You want to get the disease that people know about b/c then they can relate - but as you've shown here if you don't fit the stereotypical view of cancer (hair, etc..) then you musn't be that sick.

    I think you look great, you are so beautiful naturally that this does take some of the shine from your eye, but not your core beauty. I agree with Kelly for you to beat the f**k outta that damn cancer.

  4. Hey Becca,

    Are you comfortable if we put this post on our website? It has your photo and part of your text. I don't want to put anything up that you might not be comfortable with. Just let us know. Thanks, Megan

  5. Becca, while on eurbitux how often did you get the rash....and how long did it last...? Sue

  6. Sue,
    I get erbitux every two weeks, and the rash is at its height bout a day or two after the infusion. but it sorta just hangs around the whole time. I mean, i'm never NOT without a bunch of red spots.
    it's all over my back and stomach nowdays, i look like i have chicken pox

  7. I found your blog looking for images of the Erbitux rash, which I have a vicious case of, having just started being treated for stage 4 head and neck cancer. I just want you to know you look beautiful. Hang in there!