Friday, January 25, 2008

Student Loan woes...

I'm putting out a call...does anyone out there know alot about student loans (especially private loans?)

get at me. purty puh-lease?


  1. Hey Becca- it's Liz. I think you and Ro were at the market this evening and she mistakenly called me on the phone, which lead to a 15 minute long message on my voicemail. Did you say something about how you can eat soup, but didn't like it that much?
    Anwho, the phrase "cancer sucks" came up ealier which lead me into browsing around the www and I found YOU! Anywho, lifelong insomnia gives you puh-lenty of time to knock around researching different things, so here's what I found:

    Lookee here too:[1].pdf

    Maybe more to come later. And these are grants, not student loans you have to repay. I just looked under cancer scholarships, but there are seriouly grants for the most bizarre things so just type in "girl with peanut butter wall college grant" and I'm sure it'll come up with something. :P
    See you possibly Wednesday with more furniture!

    PS- Save The Great American Boob is one of the funniest phrases I've ever seen.

  2. This organization is LOOKING for people to give money to. Cancer for College

  3. Have you heard anything from Chris about help?? Sue

  4. Hi Becca
    I just wanted to leave a quick note to say thanks - after reading through your blog, I went for a colonoscopy - I am only 26, but my Dad is only 47 with stage 4 colon cancer. His doc recommended I go at 35 - 30 at the earliest. I asked for the test, and my family doc wouldn't send me - I had to switch docs in order to get the test. Anyhoo, I had 7 polyps removed, 6 of which were "pre cancer" - if I hadn't read your blog, and go this feeling that it can happen to someone younger, I would've had cancer before I ever had the tests....I guess this turned into more then a "quick note" but I thought that you might like to know that thoguh your blog, you helped me, more then I can ever thank you for.