Thursday, December 28, 2006

I hate Chemo

That's it. simple as that.
no clever titles. no cute innuendo's.
I just hate it.
It's the little things, y'know? It's not so much that I'm strapped to a pump for two days. It's not so much that I've got some heavy heavy drugs pumping into my system. It's the ever so slight on-the-verge of nausea feeling that I have.
Almost like it was indecisive. It can't quite figure out if it wants to make me nauseous or not.
And the fact that I have to put mittens on in order to get things out of the refrigerator.
Or that I have to warm up water in the microwave in order to drink it.
Or the fact that drinking nothing but warm/hot beverages never ever quenches your thirst. I'm just always thirsty.
Or maybe how if I go outside now, my eyes will start twitching out of control.
Or how when I'm typing this now, my fingers slowly take on a life of their own and begin to cramp up on me.
Or how when I blow my nose there's ever so slight traces of blood.
It's all those itty bitty things that just add up. I want it to be done with. I want this part to be over.
and really all I want to do is whine. I wanna bitch and moan and maybe...just maybe that'll make me feel better.
Two more rounds to go after this, and I hope, i just hope that I can put up with these itty bitty details for that much longer.
Here's to a grand 2007 ya'll!


  1. Becca, I love your sense of humor and your brutal honesty as you battle this evil freak of a disease. You are a warrior and you will come out the other side swinging! Hang in there and here's wishing you a better 2007.

    -Slobberdog (a.k.a. happydog)

  2. WOW, I am so excited to see that there is someone out there whofeels exactly the way i do!! I have 6 more of these treatments and i get nauseated just thinking about them. The thing that kills me is that i have to sit beside others wo want to swap cancer stories (and locations) and sometimes you just don't feel like sharing. Stay strong, it won't last 4ever :)