Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Becca's Poem

by Serena Love Bonita on Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 5:04pm ·
Anybody who knows anything about me knows I am a poet. They also know how much I love my friend Becca who passed in March. The way I write is I have to wait to be inspired to write something. I get a line in my head and I start with it and just keep going until it's finished. I was waiting and waiting for Becca's poem to come to me and it hadn't yet until today. Roanne posted up a picture of her and it inspired this piece. This will forever be Becca's poem from me.


sometimes i can't look at your picture
it hurts too much to know you are not here
with the radiance in your eyes
and the smile on your face
even though you were sick
you sit there
frozen in time
fresh off a twirl on the dance floor
or a twirl in the air
you capoeirista
you beautiful spirit
you funny spit fire
cancer took you from us
it took your joy
it took your health
but it never took your spirit
defiantly you lived
when no one knew how long you would
defiantly you danced
and sang
and went to school
and had fun
even though that demon cancer
wanted you in bed
and wanted you gone
defiantly you lived
you laughed in cancers
with every hearty laugh
you released
from your throat
you did that
until your body couldn't take anymore
until your body could no longer
hold your spirit down
your body was no longer
but a thing that was holding
your spirit too big to be contained
so it had to release you
to a place much bigger
than the dimensions of your room
of the city of chicago
of the world you travelled
your spirit was so much bigger than that
you needed to be in the universe
in the air
in our hearts
you needed to be above us
laughing with us at the jokes
and the good times
crying with us when it gets hard
dancing with us when we dance
doing all the things you couldn't do
in that body
in that room
you deserved so much more
than the world gave you
but i am glad there were times
when you recieved the best
i hope you know that we all love
you more than we ever let on
and we tried to tell you often
how loved you are
our beautiful Becca
you touched us all
and people who didn't even know you
you are legendary
you are wonderful
you are the shit girl
and that hasn't changed
just because you aren't here
we all miss you so much
but are so happy
that you are no longer in pain
because you did not deserve it
we love you so much
and hope you are partying it up
with your dad
and loving heaven
because you deserve that
just know that sometimes
it's hard to look at pictures of you
cause it just reminds us,
that you aren't here.


  1. serena, one of bec's friends, posted this on facebook. not everyone who reads this blog is on bec's facebook page so I thought I would post it. it is wonderful, except the part about partying in heaven. bec didn't believe in that. not sure I do either, anymore. mom

  2. This whole blog is so sad... it's good she's being remembered though.

    1. thanks. I just can't bear to have her voice silenced just yet. she was SOOO not done!!! mom