Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nothing Like Barium in the morning!

(on a sidenote, I am not sure why the frame of the videos i'm embedding from youtube are being cut off on're not missing much with the other inch of screen in the frame really, but i suppose if you wanted you could click the video screen and it'll just take you the that video on youtube's site. If anyone wants to help me out on this one, i'm much obliged)


  1. giirrlll please. This new barium is so much lighter and refreshing then the olden days. It was thick paste - one horrible chalk flavor! If you pore it over ice and sip - it's actually not bad!

    You are so brave - can't believe the barium battle!!!

  2. 2 things:

    1. youtube size--when you are embedding a video into blogger, click the smallest square size, 425 x 344, and copy that code into blogger. It'll fit in the narrow layout you have, I think.
    2. banana barium--this is how I dealt with it last time:


  3. I wanted to dry heave with you. Ew.

    How often do you have to drink barium? How long till you get the results?

    I'm always full of questions.

  4. janice, i believe you. but trust me...masking it with banana ain't no betta'
    it may actually be making it worse, hahaha.

    Hey Dan, i tried that, and it still is the same size. regardless of clicking the smallest size and copy n pasting it.
    ah well i guess.

    Steph, scans are bout every few months or so, give or take. For instance i did the scan saturday, but in a month i get scanned again (we broke it up this time, the one i did saturday was just abdomen, but next month the scan will be JUST pelvis. Basically cuz my onc wanted to see my liver, but my cyberknife needs to see my cervix. Man these doctors are so demanding!)

  5. Actually Dan, scratch that, after going and editing the embed code a few times n testing it out, I've settled on 405x405. Janky blogger layout.

  6. Memory is a funny thing. When I saw you open the container and peel of the seal, I smelled the barium. Of course, it doesn't matter what new, ersatz fruit flavor they come up with, it still tastes awful.

  7. silly - pina=pineapple and colada=coconut! so it's still part of your diet. however, banana daiquiri's? another story.

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