Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Aw Video-Schmideo

(oh, and in case anyone is interested, the music in background is some awesome ukulele playing by Jake Shimabukuru)


  1. I just have to say this: you are incredibly beautiful, cancer or no cancer. Sending you good mojo for continued successful treatments.


  2. In my experience, many people don't know what to say when they know you have cancer. They are scared or feel awkward when we look sick and don't know how to address it, and then they are excited and happy when we look "better" and they feel like they finally have something positive to add by saying we look healthy--no matter what is going on inside of us. I have the same emotions you have about it, I think, now that you explained it in your video. And not to annoy you, but you do look good. Keep it up.

  3. accept the compliments...we're noticing that your spirit has bebuilt and your aura is glowing...much needed break for your body and soul. xo

  4. blush...
    It means alot from you guys, b/c I know you understand what I'm getting at.
    I know people around me mean well. I know they think its the best thing ever to say how healthy and happy I look.
    But it makes it hard to accept when you know that the cancer HASN'T in fact, gone away, or even gone down. And that the only real reason you don't see the side effects, is because the chemo wasn't working for me so I was taken off of it. (thats not a "good" reason).
    I suck it up. and try to relish in the compliments and the good skin.

  5. see but what you don't know is you've already won :)

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