Thursday, November 6, 2008

MY president!

Through this whole campaign, I kept pretty low-key. I felt with absolute certainty who I WANTED and who SHOULD be elected. But I never boasted about it, or bragged, or preached. I'd been disappointed too many times by my own country. I'd been betrayed and disillusioned by not ONE bad election, but TWO back-to-back bad elections during the first years that I was even able to vote.
What did I matter? What did my voice mean? Obviously, not a whole lot.
I kept low-key b/c I didn't want to be so disappointed again by a slap in the face from the rest of my fellow Americans.
Its alot like the battle with cancer. I am cautious now. More-so than I may have been in yearspast. I do not like to get my hopes up b/c I've grown accustomed to expecting the worst (and then hoping for the best later).

But tuesday night??!

Maaaannn, tuesday night dreams came true, hope came back, faith was renewed. I never in my 28 years uttered the words "I'm proud to be an american" without laughing sarcastically, or sneering.

And tuesday night?!?

Tuesday night I sat in the McDonalds on Chicago Ave. at almost midnight with close to 200 other people of all shapes, sizes, class, race, gender, age, and background. Before I even realized I was saying it, the words "My president is gonna make the world proud of us. We did it" tumbled out of my mouth.
I actually needed to stop mid-sentence and think about the words again to myself...."MY president..."
Not "THIS president" or "That dickface in the whitehouse". No, no, no..."MY president"

Maaaaannnnn, it felt good. It felt damned good. Good enough to want to pump my fist and chant USA! USA! USA! (luckily I caught myself and checked that before I made a scene in McDonalds). Besides, I was plenty tired from screaming and cheering and running up and down Grant Park in sequin flats and a mini-skirt to really do much more than smile and keep sipping my vita-water.

The world is not perfect yet. Peace on earth doesn't yet exist. Hell, the very next day my damn fridge stopped working and I started my day by having to toss out all the food in it. Things are still going wrong. But at least now, we're on the right path again.
We've been off-course for a long time now, so we've got a while to travel back before we can start moving forward. Alot of wounds to heal & mistakes to apologize for. But DAMN it feels good to be on that track.

As a good friend of mine said once, about a completely different situation, but which fits just as well for this moment: "It's like a long cool drink of water after a hard journey through the desert."

OBAMA! Thanks for the drink man. We needed it.

(And now, for some pic-spam, enjoy....)

The setting, my GORGEOUS city, Chicago.

The cast, too many proud Americans and friends of.
Yup, that's right THE official parking entrance.
HAPPY cops at a political rally?!?
Obama really is changing the world!

I have pride THIIISSSS big!

Welcoming in our new President Elect!

Celebrating with the masses

Ladies n Gentlemen, the man of the hour!


  1. I'm soooo glad to see you out enjoying yourself and looking fabulous my dear!

    I really do hope some things start changing here, the economy sucks and well - I kinda want to just border jump and move to Canada :) Here's the new beginnings!


  2. Nice Pics. looks like you had fun.

  3. kelly, preach it miss! you know how seriously i was considering leaving the U.S. if something OTHER than Obama getting elected happened? I know it'll still be awhile before the light at end of the tunnel starts to show. But At least i'm hoping now.

    Hope you've been well. Here's to new America! ;)

    (and phil, it was a BLAAST. I'm ssooooo glad I got to go down there.)

  4. There was a similar shared euphoria in Chicago in 1983 when Harold Washington won the Democratic primary and the subsequent mayoral race. I didn't think I'd see that kind of political elation again in my lifetime -- certainly not at the national level. It's especially gratifying to share it with people who'd grown cynical to the possibilities of politics after eight hellish years under W.

    Keep up the fight, "low-key" or otherwise --

  5. How awesome you got to be down there and witness history first hand. It looks like a blast.

    Thanks for the reality check earlier. You keep me grounded. Yeah I wouldn't mind that chica's info, if I have to go down that road it would nice to know someone else did too.

    Hope all is well. Is your profile pic showing a tattoo? Hm, I need to see it better. :) Once this is all said and done I'm getting more ink, just don't know what yet.

  6. Hey Ed...did you know that my dad died on the same day as Mayor Washington? They came and pulled me outta class after we were all told (i think i was in like...first grade?). And all they said was Rebecca we have some news for you. I remember thinking "yea, i heard already, the mayor died. why do I have to be pulled out for that??"

    Hey Stef, do I have your email? I'll email you off-blog. (and yes, its a big ol fatty fat tattoo i'm getting on my back. work in progress of course. you can see here:

  7. I have both of those buttons. I wear the Breakfast for Obama button still.

    In case you are wondering who I am, I spoke with you... about something regarding money... and school... I work for a terrible company... and helped you out back in October... you told me about your website and I still check it.

    It was nice to see Obama win... for once something positive in this totally frakked up world.