Monday, July 28, 2008

eat eaT eAT EAT!

I need to gain weight back. I get it. You don't think i'm trying??
I submit exhibit 9-A to the jury:

exhibit 9-B

Exhibit 9-C

It's rough. but i'll take one for the team and eat 6 corn dogs. wwwwhhhy not?

For's a burger, some fried macaroni and cheese, and a fried twinkie (not pictured)

The last pic....6 count en, 6 corndogs! g'yeah!


  1. Eat Bread, lots of it. Tons of Sugar too.

  2. Ymmmmm, fried mac and cheese. Who'd a thunk that two of my faves could be rolled up into one?

  3. Hi friend!! It's been forever since you've posted, good to know you're eatin' like a champ :)

    I heart mac and cheese... a bit too much :)


  4. hehehe, fried ANYthing is almost a guarantee good in my book.
    i suppose the exception would be bugs. bugs are a no-no, prepared in any way.

    But thanks guys. I am still around. chillin. as best i can
    (and philly! didn't know you were up on my blog. sweet)

  5. yeah, ive been poppin in and out of it. your an amusing writer. Im making a point of posting more replies. you look like a Gypsy in that second pic lol.

  6. Two words: frozen custard. With caramel. And pecans. I don't know if frozen custard is a singularly Wisconsin phenom, but it is beyond fabulous. Gotta work the ice cream, etc. while the cold sensitivity is at a low point. :)