Monday, December 31, 2007

Out with the old....

BAM! Time to relish in another year down...another great one to come (fingers crossed). I am so very appreciative that I'm still here, to ring in another year. Despite the ups and downs, the changes, the new normals, and the new least I'm still here.

Happy new year everyone! See ya in '08


  1. You said it!!! :)

    Happy New Year!!!



  2. Becca, please email me. I might have a way for you to get some funds to help pay for your medical bills.

  3. Becca & Becca's family: I'm 39 (for 9 more days) and my brother and I was diagnosed with FAP in 1986. We both have had a J-pouch. I have had mine since 1999. On Jan 22, I am having a permanent ileostomy b/c the adenomous polyps are in my pouch. I have hundreds of polyps again, despite fighting this off for 22 years. I am very hopeful. I know I can handle the ileostomy b/c I did it for 3 months before, but this is for a lifetime. My 40th birthday is Jan 20. Some think I'm crazy for scheduling it so close. I always knew in my heart it would come to the point I would have to do this again. We know our bodies better than anyone. Anyway, I said if I could make it to 40, I would accept it gladly and move on. So that's what I'm doing.

    I would really really love to talk to you or your mom. My mom was only 36 when her two oldest kids were very sick and having surgery back to back. She could offer some words of encourgement, advice, choices of nerve pills ;). She herself is a wonder...she has Cardiomyopthy and some day with need a heart transplant.

    We are 5th generation in our family for this glorious disease. This surgery on the 22nd is my 7th in 8 years. I couldn't have kids b/c of the scar tissue from my first surgery, but my brother has two spectacular girls, ages 12 and 8.

    Please, I would love to know how you are doing. Maybe to kindred spirits could find a way to beat this shit (pun intended) together. BTW my mom always teases that since my dad doesn't have an asshole, she's going to make him a new one. So I completely get the humor!

    I am an ASSHOLE surgically speaking but only for a few more days.

    Email me or blog or however the hell this works and I'll give you my info. If you are interested. Kick ass and take names, Kiddo. That's the only way to do it. I'd say we got a lot of guts, but we both know, that ain't the case...but we got alot of spunk!

    BTW, I'm Terri and live in Southern Indiana...only 5 hr drive or a short train ride...if you ever need another shoulder.

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