Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Bring on the Boring

I was reading through some various blogs the other day and it occured to me that maybe I'm doing this blog thing wrong.
It seems lots of people just do sort've "updates" of their daily life. I realized I don't do that. I guess I just don't find my every day life all that interesting to write about it. That then made me realize that I never really enjoyed doing that. I mean, even when attempting to keep the good ol' fashioned "diary" I wasn't very consistent. I had a hard time writing every night. Cuz...well...most the time I'm just not that interesting.
This morning. I woke up, started some coffee, went in to flush out my pouch, watched a little bit of the news, ate some honey bunches of oats with soymilk (yum?...yes. yum), showered, dressed, checked my email, gathered my things, took some coffee to go, went to turn on my car so it could warm up, and off to work i went. Got to work, parked, found my manager for the day was sick, proceeded to hang, answer calls, take peoples money, drink tea, crochet, answer questions, sit on my hands to keep em warm, b.s. with co-workers, scrounge around the internet for funny tidbits of information...til now. I sit here reciting my day.

Okay, that is dreadfully boring to me. I think its part of why when my mom, or my roomie asks me how my day was, or how was work, for the most part unless something huge and major happened, I always answer "the same ol'." Cuz it's really just more of a hassle to me to have to go through and pull out some memorable moments from a day in which is pretty routine.

So I will save you all (and myself) from the painful slow dullness of my day-to-day. But don't feel sorry for me, trust me, after the past two years of rollercoaster insanity worrying whether you'll see next fall...hehe, well, I welcome the slow dullness. Bring.It.On.


  1. Hey Becca,
    No, you got the blog thing right. I for one have have lost all creative juices during this journey. Too many times I think of great and wonderful topics to blog about - and pretty well formulate the blog in mind. When it comes to actually blogging about it I can't recreate it so I revert to listing facts of what is going on in my life (usually in respect to my cancer treatment).

    Also, (only recently) I started to second guess the appropriateness of my opinions - so out of fear of offending someone I don't bother putting things out there. I don't have the energy to debate or defend my thoughts - how pathetic is that eh?!

    By the way, it was great to meet you the CCA conference. I saw the Oprah show - spotted you in the audience...

    Thanks for the link on your site!

  2. One of my favorite things about blogging is that everyone does it differently. I know that I'm for the most part a "this is what I did today" blogger. Not all of us have the style and grace to write extensively about the inability to fart. I love it. Glad to have found your blog!